Virginia Burton Stringer is the author of the Just Maagy series and has been a writer for over 40 years. She is also a published playwright. She has also taught theatre art, while also being an actress and director of various plays.

Raising her two daughters was the main inspiration for the Just Maagy series, as these life experiences are just one of the many reasons why this is one of the best fantasy books for young adults.



Warrior Book 4 in the Maagy Series is the most action packed installment thus far. Maagy finds herself locked into a sinister game of cat-and-mouse with the emperor of Terrasicus with whom there have been centuries of bad blood between the two families. This intense fast-moving adventure includes romance, intrigue, epic battles, and unexplained miracles.


“Dressed in her combat uniform with the Battle Wreath of the Heir firmly on her forehead and weapons at her sides, she made a solemn vow to bring her father home.”

Warrior Book 4 in the Maagy Series begins at the moment Enchantment… ends, as Maagy temporarily assumes the crown and becomes the soldier she is trained to be. King Henry has mysteriously disappeared from Avington Palace on the night of Maagy’s Dubbing. She is forced into taking control of the throne and planning battle strategy before her markings have healed or the ink is dry on her diploma. She has not yet reached her seventeenth birthday. She must reluctantly accept help from the Estadorean Prince Rudolpho with whom she has a rocky history at best. Maagy is tasked with first finding out where her father is being held and then devising a plan to rescue him. Her fear, inexperience, and stubbornness threaten to unravel her success, until she begins to follow her own instincts and forge ahead with a scheme reminiscent of her crystal vision on her sixteenth birthday. She and Mary are successful in spiriting the king to safety but not without kicking the hornet’s nest that is Emperor Zinrahwi. When Maagy is injured, she must rely on her re-kindled friendship with Prince Rudolpho and The Aradinian Knight Sir Simon James to keep her destiny on track. War rages for almost a year culminating in a dramatic end. Maagy’s full potential is realized in an epic battle, when she faces off with the evil emperor. A flash of light from the sky, the Sword of Aradin, and a white aura encircling the warrior queen spark rumors of sorcery. Just when Maagy believes she has been victorious, she is faced with immeasurable grief. A whole new war begins for the Wizard Queen.

Warrior Excerpt

Maagy drew her sword. The match began respectfully, peacefully as if it were a classroom exercise. It quickly escalated into a heated, contentious duel. She matched his every parry, lunge, spin and thrust, and bested him on many. They were both sweating profusely, as the night air had not cooled down, and the sword handles were slippery. He got the best of her for a moment, and her blade went flying. She avoided him with an acrobatic move toward it, but he swiped at her again before she could pick it up and slashed her upper arm. It bled freely.

 “Ahhh!” She wailed. “Damn you, you bastard! You cut me! If you ruined my marking, I’ll cut your throat!”

 “No worries! Nowhere near!”

               Seeing her own blood flowing again incensed her, and she went at him with the fury of Hell. She never expected he would actually cut her. All bets and restraints were off. She was in full combat and survival mode. Her strength and speed stunned him, as blades continued to fly. She returned the favor by dislodging his weapon and exacting her comeuppance by slashing his arm.

“Ahhh! Touché, Princess!”

 “That’s Your Majesty, if you please!”

 “Sorry, Darling!”

 “I am not your darling!  I’m done placating you!”

  Neither of them had intended the battle to become so serious and get so out of hand. They continued for several more intense minutes until she took to the air spinning like a whirling dervish, her feet flying, sending his sword across the room and him against the wall. She was on him in less than a heartbeat, her blade at his throat. There was pure vengeance in her eyes, as she glared at him. They were both panting for breath, but she got her point across.

“I could kill you right now,” she hissed through clenched teeth. “Never again… doubt my skill… nor my commitment… to my kingdom… and my men!”

Her eyes were ablaze glaring through sweat. She had no fear, no misgivings of her strength. He had heard the rumors but had never seen her in action. Perhaps if he had, he would not have been so quick to challenge her. He finally saw her as a true warrior. He wasn’t sure if she would release him or cut his throat.

“And whilst I have your full attention, a fair warning. If you hurt Millie, use her for your own purposes, break her heart, as others before you have done… and you have done to other women… I promise you… I swear to God, I shall relieve you of your manhood! And… if you intend to win over me… you’re going to need a bigger sword!” She snarled, the dual meaning clear.   




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