Character Profiles

Lady Periwinkle
Palace Social Secretary
Bertha Jane Periwinkle was the last of nine children born to Lady Evelyn and Lord Byron Periwinkle who were members of Queen Grace’s Court. The younger Lady Periwinkle went by her middle name Jane, as she hated the name Bertha.
Miss Persephone Fendlwart
Avington Palace Culinary Minister and Principle Midwife
Miss Persephone Fendlwart was born the first of seven siblings. Her mother Winifred Gray Fendlwart was sister to Sir William Gray’s father Clarence making Persephone and Sir William first cousins. Clarence Fendlwart had been Palace Culinary Minister for Avington Palace for thirty years.

The Maagy Series is the quintessential fantasy book series that focuses on the maturation of young girls to adult women.

Princess Maagy begins as a spoiled, privileged brat who learns valuable lessons through wonderous adventures and the wisdom of those around her. Throughout each book, Maagy takes more steps toward her destiny and develops into an extraordinary young woman and warrior who will one day take on the mantle of queen. Following Maagy through these tumultuous stages offers perspective and guidance that young adults can relate to and enjoy. The Maagy Series provides an opportunity for readers to explore a new world, while also watching a character transform before their very eyes. This series captures the imagination and is perfect for readers of any age!

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