The Maagy Series

Why Coming of Age Stories about Girls and Their Parents Are Important in Today’s Society

 February 21, 2019

By  maagywpadmnow

Can single fathers ever be completely prepared for their daughters to enter puberty?

Puberty is no joke, especially for girls. The coming of age for female humans has been the same process since the dawn of woman. The struggle to cope with the sudden, newfound growth of body and mind is both beautiful and terrifying. In today’s society more than ever before, single fathers are coping alone with raising little girls to become grown women. The test is to stay the course and weather the storm until the turbulence calms.

The Maagy Series is a metaphorical journey into the mysterious and murky netherworld of female adolescence.

We first encounter Princess Maagy on her thirteenth birthday when she throws a tantrum because there is no spumoni ice cream for breakfast. The tantrums are not new to King Henry, Maagy’s bewildered father. As a single parent, he has spoiled her rotten and now must reap the reward for his over-indulgence. What is new for him is that the innocent little girl he adores and dotes upon is about to blossom into a young woman before his very eyes. He, like most fathers, especially single ones, is woefully unprepared for what is to come.

The journey from childhood to adulthood is an arduous path for girls. One of the most perplexing challenges for any parent is the mood changes that accompany the onset of hormonal cycles. Boys have hormonal surges in adolescence, but they are nothing to compare. Trust me! I know this! I raised a boy and two girls, and believe me, there is NO comparison! Along with these chemical changes comes the desire to break free of parental constraints by ignoring rules and exhibiting blatant defiance. The once sweet little princess becomes a raging force who is uncomfortable and awkward in her own skin. Thus, it is with Princess Maagy by the time she reaches her sixteenth birthday. King Henry is baffled as to how to handle his suddenly brave and brash daughter; a daughter he no longer recognizes.

What the venerable king and all dads in his position should know is that “this too shall pass”. Eventually, the flood waters of emotion and angst will subside. The precious child is no longer a child, but the “precious” definitely returns in about five years. The trick is to hang on for dear life. Pick the battles that are worth fighting. Let the rest go. Never say hurtful things that can linger long after the mother ship has returned the real one. Above all, know that this is the normal process of a butterfly breaking free of her chrysalis and spreading her wings as she prepares to fly.

The Maagy Series is the perfect coming of age adventure/action series for young girls. This Young Adult fiction/fantasy series stands out from other books, as it is set in a fairytale time and place but with real world relevance to today’s youth. Just Maagy, Krispen, Enchantment, and Warrior are the first four books with three more on the way.

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