Virginia Burton Stringer is the author of the Just Maagy series and has been a writer for over 40 years. She is also a published playwright. She has also taught theatre art, while also being an actress and director of various plays.

Raising her two daughters was the main inspiration for the Just Maagy series, as these life experiences are just one of the many reasons why this is one of the best fantasy books for young adults.

Enchantment Book 3 in the Maagy Series continues Maagy’s journey toward adulthood by revealing ugly truths about her mother’s death, her unusual heritage of sorcery, and her mysterious future as the Chosen One. It seems that King Henry has not always been completely truthful with Maagy. This knowledge drives her toward a destiny she never imagined. She is determined to become a warrior against her father’s will. Her extraordinary performance as an Academy cadet and surviving her harrowing Faith Quest are more evidence that she is not average. She and friend Mary Gray make history becoming the first women in five hundred years of the order to be dubbed Knights of the Commonwealth of Realms. Just as Dame Princess Maagy begins to feel as though she is in control of her future, King Henry disappears. She is forced to take control of the Throne.

Enchantment Synopsis

“… She looked into the full-length mirror and could hardly recognize the transformation. There was a soldier where a princess had always been.” …




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