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Enchantment continues Maagy’s journey toward adulthood by revealing ugly truths about her mother’s death, her unusual heritage of sorcery, and her mysterious future as the Chosen One. It seems that King Henry has not always been completely truthful with Maagy. This knowledge drives her toward a destiny she never imagined. She is determined to become a warrior against her father’s will. Her extraordinary performance as an Academy cadet and surviving her harrowing Faith Quest are more evidence that she is not average. She and friend Mary Gray make history becoming the first women in five hundred years of the order to be dubbed Knights of the Commonwealth of Realms. Just as Dame Princess Maagy begins to feel as though she is in control of her future, King Henry disappears.


Virginia Burton Stringer is the author of the Just Maagy series and has been a writer for over 40 years. She is also a published playwright. She has also taught theatre art, while also being an actress and director of various plays.

Raising her two daughters was the main inspiration for the Just Maagy series, as these life experiences are just one of the many reasons why this is one of the best fantasy books for young adults.

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“… She looked into the full-length mirror and could hardly recognize the transformation. There was a soldier where a princess had always been.” …

Princess Maagy has had great adventures and some harrowing moments in her life, but none could prepare her for what she would discover in the forbidden East Tower.

Maagy’s sixteenth birthday begins with a joyous celebration of pancakes and ice cream with King Henry. However, his mood darkens as he tells her to meet him outside the ominous doors she has never been allowed to enter. Maagy is instantly overcome with foreboding. Once there, Henry leads her up the dark steps and tells her a story which rocks her to the core and then shows her the mysterious blue crystal.

The greatest mystery in Maagy’s life has been her mother Queen Melania. Who was she, really? How and when did she die? Why would her father never speak of her? Maagy was intrigued by her own striking resemblance to the majestic warrior woman in the portrait at Whitmore Estate, but no one seemed to know who she was. It was obvious to Maagy that she was an ancestor, but whose? Henry’s or Melania’s? Little does Maagy realize the significance of the portrait, the woman in it, or how her life will change when she takes hold of the mysterious blue crystal.

In this third novel in the Maagy Series, a sixteen-year-old princess begins to learn the truth about her mother’s past and her own future and is set on yet another fantastic adventure. Hold on to your hats, this one is a bumpy ride with a startling ending.

Enchantment Excerpt

“… As he spoke, he moved toward a darkened corner of the room. Maagy had not noticed the screen standing there. As Henry moved it aside, Maagy gasped. It revealed a sinister looking pedestal adorned with gargoyles on which was an intricately woven metal cage with a heavy latch. It was inverted over a very large blue crystal, which was floating upright with no visible means of support. It was balancing in thin air.
“What is that thing?”
“Honestly… I don’t know. The letter states that I should unlatch the cage. When you take the crystal from its perch, all will be revealed to you.”
“I’m supposed to take hold of it?”
“Apparently. No other living thing shall touch it, save the true Chosen One. That is what she wrote. Sudden death would be the reward for all others who might be tempted.
Maagy’s stomach was churning. She felt as though she might burst at any moment. She rose to her feet while never diverting her gaze from the ominous object. There seemed to be a force drawing her to it. She turned toward the window… She stared down at the ground in numbed silence.
“That’s why you were never allowed to come in here. It’s why there is only one key to this tower and I possess it… I was afraid if you touched it too soon you might die.”
“You said Chosen One? What does that mean?”
“I’m afraid… I don’t know, my dear.”
She whirled round and approached the pedestal, the attraction growing stronger.
“How long has it been here?”
“I don’t know that either. I never came into the tower until your mother suggested she give birth here. It was here then and precisely as it is now.”
“Who put it here?”
“I have no idea.”
“Open it,” she whispered.
“There is more I must tell you first…”
“Open it!” She screamed.
“Maagy, do not speak to me in that tone…”
She glared at him through squinted eyes fighting back tears of anguish, fear, and anger. She pursed her lips and scowled, but he held his ground against her intimidation and continued with his account.
“There is a legend, which tells of an ancient curse on Terrasicus. I believe the enchantment is somehow tied to it… None of it made any sense to me until I read her letter revealing that indeed she was a descendent of a woman at the center of both an enchantment and apparently a curse.”
… was frozen in stunned disbelief, her rebellious attitude dissolved into confusion. Just an hour ago they were laughing and enjoying the most delightful birthday breakfast and now all of this. How could she possibly comprehend it?
… “I’m ready to know everything.”
Maagy took a sip of tea and set the cup on the table. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, as she approached the ominous pedestal. Without a word he unlatched the cage, and it floated toward the ceiling. As it lifted, the crystal began to quiver and emit an eerie blue glow. Maagy and King Henry looked on in fear and disbelief, neither of them knowing what would happen when she took hold of it. Something in her told her she was ready to find out. He backed away as she stepped forward.
Her heart pounded in rapid rhythms as she reached out her trembling hand. She wrapped her fingers round the glowing object. Immediately upon touching it her head began to swirl and everything darkened as if she were at the center of a cyclone. Objects flew by so quickly her eyes couldn’t focus on them. She felt as if she were being lifted off the ground and spun into the air. She tried to scream for her father to catch her, but no sound could emerge. He stood motionless and silent as he watched her eyes close…”

The Maagy Series is the quintessential fantasy book series that focuses on the maturation of young girls to adult women.

Princess Maagy begins as a spoiled, privileged brat who learns valuable lessons through wonderous adventures and the wisdom of those around her. Throughout each book, Maagy takes more steps toward her destiny and develops into an extraordinary young woman and warrior who will one day take on the mantle of queen. Following Maagy through these tumultuous stages offers perspective and guidance that young adults can relate to and enjoy. The Maagy Series provides an opportunity for readers to explore a new world, while also watching a character transform before their very eyes. This series captures the imagination and is perfect for readers of any age!

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