Virginia Burton Stringer is the author of the Just Maagy series and has been a writer for over 40 years. She is also a published playwright. She has also taught theatre art, while also being an actress and director of various plays.

Raising her two daughters was the main inspiration for the Just Maagy series, as these life experiences are just one of the many reasons why this is one of the best fantasy books for young adults.

Krispen Book 2 in the Maagy series continues Maagy’s journey toward adulthood. As with most pubescent girls, life turns dark and scary, as she becomes aware of the adult world around her. Her faith in everything and everyone is challenged by circumstances beyond her control. Life becomes an up and down roller coaster of emotions from abject terror to euphoric infatuation, only to have her heart crushed again on the most important night of her life setting her on a path no one could have predicted. While Krispen begins as a fun holiday adventure, later chapters are fraught with darker undertones that lay groundwork for Maagy’s tumultuous future.

Krispen Synopsis

… “Believing in Father Krispen is having faith in things you cannot see. It’s having faith that those you can see hold great magical power.” …


As Krispen Book 2 in the Maagy Series begins, Maagy has settled in for the long carriage ride home to Avington Palace and has fallen asleep to the rhythmic sound of the horses’ hooves. Suddenly, something terrible happens that leaves her with overwhelming fear and mistrust. She falls into deep despondency. She will neither eat nor come out of her room. The situation is exacerbated by King Henry’s sudden absence. An unlikely visitor in the middle of the night seeks her help for a clandestine undertaking with implications for the entire world. Terrified and against her better judgment, Maagy agrees to embark upon the harrowing journey with an unexpected detour along the way. Her mettle is tested in the face of bone-chilling fear. After mustering courage she never thought possible to save a life, the oddly paired cohorts continue their mission with her making a startling discovery which restores her faith in that which is unseen. Just as Maagy’s life seems to be on track, another stunning blow to her heart on her fifteenth birthday sends her in a direction completely unheard of for a woman, much less, the future queen. Krispen leaves the reader hanging on every word just before Maagy’s sixteenth birthday.


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