The Maagy Series

Maagy in Our Society

 September 21, 2018

By  maagywpadmnow

By Virginia Burton Stringer

August 2018

What would Maagy think of our society? While on the surface, one might argue that times gone by were simpler, I submit that each time in our human and societal development has come with complexities not unlike those of today’s world.

One of the reasons I chose the fairy tale setting for the Maagy Series was for the seeming simplicity of a bygone day without the trappings of modern distractions such as cell phones, social media, and instant unsolicited feedback on everything from the dinner menu to childbirth. We live in an age where everyone forms an opinion immediately and thinks it’s a God-given right to inflict said opinion upon the entire world. Everything is instantaneous; live streaming news moment-to-moment, FaceTime across continents, coffee cups full in less than a minute, anonymous insults hurled with a single key stroke. Impatience and extremism are the norms. Kindness and tolerance are out of vogue.

Maagy would be appalled!

Our impetuous Princess Maagy is a privileged child, the Crown Princess of her realm. Her world is one of protocol and decorum; a world where children are taught good manners at a very early age and are expected to use them no matter their social or financial status. Even though Maagy is spoiled by her doting father and not above a tantrum to get her way, she still knows there are times when this behavior will only earn King Henry’s stern, side-eyed warning. In Maagy’s world, “no” means no, not, “Well, if you keep asking and crying and perhaps throw yourself on the floor in a public place, you’ll get your way to save Mommy embarrassment.” Sadly, this is all too common in today’s society where parents are so stressed and distracted that it’s easier to give in than to discipline an out-of-control child. Even an entitled royal brat knows when to straighten up and fly right.

In Maagy’s fairy tale world of long-ago-and-far-away, she must fulfill her destiny and embark upon a task to eradicate an evil force from the world.

Maagy must change the course of history and defy her father to accomplish her goals. Maagy’s fictitious journey through Enchantment and Warrior leads her to a path she never imagined, that of a military leader with swords and armor, bows and arrows, a horse, and her intellect with which to fight her battles. She grows as a woman and as a fearless leader without losing her feisty edge or stubborn determination. She matures into a compassionate and kind human being who has the trust of her people. She is a righteous warrior and fearless leader. Her struggle for a world where goodness prevails is no different from our struggle today.

Maagy would be horrified at the lack of honor and dignity in twenty-first century society.

I once said that if Maagy lived today, she would be tatted up and drive a red Ford F-150 with a lift kit and lots of chrome. She would be heir-apparent to her family fortune of old money; so old it begets itself rather than being tied to any one industry. She would be a rebel child. Her Father’s friends would secretly scorn the nonconformist, unorthodox future CEO, and his Board of Directors would have serious concerns for the future of his and their empire were she to take the helm. What they would not see for her bluster, is the person of scrupulousness and self-respect. What would take them all by surprise would be her appointment to a military academy and becoming the first ever female Army Ranger or Navy Seal. She would be a fierce, bad-ass warrior. She would have at her disposal guns and missiles, airplanes loaded with bombs, Satellite guidance systems, and nuclear warheads. She would be a fearless leader of men who respect her. She would speak her mind, always on the side of truth and light. She would be a woman of great dignity and honor.

In this day, in this country, in this world, we seem to be seriously lacking enough righteous men and women brave enough to stand up and speak out against the evil forces of lies and tyranny that are eroding our society.

Maagy would be one of those righteous fighters. She would use her wealth and influence for social improvement. Maagy would be a champion of the disenfranchised. She would be an advocate for truth and justice as any great super hero should. Maagy would be a leading voice, a force of decency to combat the ever-growing swells of malevolence. She would use all her fortune, courage, combat training, guile, and magic to defeat the emperors of darkness invading our value systems and slithering into our psyches to lure us to the dark side.

We need more Maagy’s in the world.

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