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Maagy Book Series Synopsis

JUST MAAGY, KRISPEN, and ENCHANTMENT are the first three books in the seven-book chapter book series for Young Adult Fiction/Fantasy readers. WARRIOR, the most recent chapter in The Maagy Series continues Maggy’s journey toward her destiny. This series is appropriate for middle readers and older who enjoy mystery, magic, action, knights, and intrigue.

The Maagy Book Series is about an impetuous princess of a fantastic world who embarks upon an unimaginable journey to become a fierce warrior queen with unusual heritage and magical powers. It is metaphorical for the journey each young woman must take when the door to childhood slams shut and puberty begins, and she is thrust headlong into the murky world of hormones and emotions, as she hurtles toward adulthood. It’s an arduous adventure that takes only about five years.

In JUST MAAGY, we meet Princess Maagy at age thirteen. She is a spoiled, mouthy, privileged brat who lies or pitches tantrums to have her way. We follow her growth through KRISPEN where she experiences a harrowing event that leaves her shaken and mistrustful of everything and everyone. We see her faith restored only to see her heart broken in the most painful way. On her sixteenth birthday, which is where ENCHANTMENT begins, she learns stunning information about her mother’s death and her own very strange lineage that turns her world inside out and sends her on a journey no one ever could have imagined, least of all, Maagy. WARRIOR continues the journey toward Maagy’s development into an extraordinary young woman and future queen.

The Maagy Series is the quintessential fantasy book series that focuses on the maturation of young girls to adult women.

Princess Maagy begins as a spoiled, privileged brat who learns valuable lessons through wonderous adventures and the wisdom of those around her. Throughout each book, Maagy takes more steps toward her destiny and develops into an extraordinary young woman and warrior who will one day take on the mantle of queen. Following Maagy through these tumultuous stages offers perspective and guidance that young adults can relate to and enjoy. The Maagy Series provides an opportunity for readers to explore a new world, while also watching a character transform before their very eyes. This series captures the imagination and is perfect for readers of any age!

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